Eliminate ‘noise’, manage Chatter limits and follow important conversations by automatically following and un-following records, users or groups. Works with all Chatter environments: browser, Chatter Desktop, Mobile or Customer Communities.

  • Create rules to automatically follow or un-follow records, users or groups
  • See and manage ALL your Chatter follows on one easy to screen
  • Automate and bulk Chatter notifications to ensure messages are not missed
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November 18, 2019


Increase adoption and reduce the administrative burden of Chatter with ChattoMate.

ChattoMate will clear the ‘noise’, help manage Chatter limits and link your users to the important conversations by automatically notify, follow and unfollow the information, users or groups they need to work effectively. ChattoMate will seamlessly work no matter whether users communicate in the browser using Salesforce.com, Chatter Desktop, Chatter Mobile or even in Customer Communities.

Try it for FREE for 30 days on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Who Needs It?

Anyone using or planning to use Chatter!

Common Automation scenarios ChattoMate resolves:

Administrators ‘hands off’ management of Groups and User Follows for Chatter Free or Community users

Sales Managers follow any large opportunities that are due to close in the next month to ensure everything is done to win the deal

Notification Message

Salesperson remove follows of any opportunities that have been Closed Won with no changes for 30 days

Specialists to follow an opportunity if it requires a specific product or against a designated competitor

User induction assigning new users to groups based on their profile or role as they are created

Visual Alert

All users follow any other user with 'Manager' in their title

Marketing manager follow a campaign if the marketing budget has been exceeded

Notifications bulk notify selected users or set up rules to push messages to Chatter instead of sending emails

Notification Message

Create Recipes to Automatically Notify, Follow or Unfollow
Create Recipes then add Steps to create business rules around your follows much like workflow automation

Recipes Steps Define Your Custom Rules
Use ANY fields, even formula fields, to create the rules for your Recipe

Bulk Assign Users With The Administration Page
As an Administrator you need the ability to mass assign users to the recipes you cook up

Users Have Final Say
A truly collaborative app that allows the users to unfollow recipes that have been assigned to them, simply by unfollowing the recipe in Chatter.

Users Can Manage All Their Follows In One Place
Seeing all entities you are following can be hard, ChattoMate brings all the information you need onto one page, along with your group memberships


ChattoMate has an intuitive interface and since recipe membership is managed through Chatter follows it keeps things consistent. If you have some questions then please check out our quick start guide and FAQs.

As well as using Email support for ChattoMate you can also use the form below for any inquiries, feedback or feature requests.

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