Eliminate ‘noise’, manage Chatter limits and follow important conversations by automatically following and un-following records, users or groups. Works with all Chatter environments: browser, Chatter Desktop, Mobile or Customer Communities.

  • Create rules to automatically follow or un-follow records, users or groups
  • See and manage ALL your Chatter follows on one easy to screen
  • Automate and bulk Chatter notifications to ensure messages are not missed
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July 5, 2020

Do your sales team members know when one of their colleagues makes a sale? Unless they're all located in the same place it's likely that they don't.

Ring My Bell is a small app which notifies your users when somebody closes an opportunity, and ensures they see it with both a visual pop-up, and the familiar sound of a cash register. Your sales team will forget they are selling as it will feel like they are playing a game to get that bell ringing and name on the board.


Alerts Animated and audible alerts when opportunities are marked Closed Won

Visual Alert

Settings Users can control their sound and visual settings

Sound Choices

Celebrate Displays a message showing who last closed an opportunity, and what it was worth

Notification Message

Ring My Bell works well in the office environment as well as for distributed sales teams which could be in various locations around the world. The sound of a sale is something everybody loves to hear, and it helps encourage competition without generating a cut-throat environment.

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