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February 20, 2020
iBeacon Proximity & Salesforce1

The ‘Internet of Customers’ using Salesforce.com and iBeacons with Proximity Insight

Online tracking and social media are providing new insights into customer behavior and preferences; but the next frontier is leveraging and reporting information about what customers are actually doing in the real world and responding with offers that have real-time relevance.  Do all of this with Salesforce1 and Proximity Insight.

This is a great use case highlighted by John Brunswick

The information collected through social media, website tracking and email intelligence is helpful but knowing where a customer is and if possible, what they are currently doing, provides better insight into their interests and potential needs.
Recent developments in low-energy location-sensing technology, iBeacons, are driving the adoption of new mobile applications for customer engagement.  Utilizing this ‘Low Energy Bluetooth’ technology embedded in a mobile phone and in-store proximity beacons, potential customers in near proximity can be sent offers relevant to their current location.
For example, people in the street nearby can be presented with notifications to attract them into store; and customers already in-store can be alerted to items on special based on their current location in the store. The technology could even be used in large stores to help customers find the items they want – a sort of in-store GPS!
Current phone-based GPS and purchasing technologies (eg Google Wallet) have provided opportunities for enhancing customer engagement but adoption has been low.  It is predicted that the new iBeacons will open up a whole new wave of payment systems and customer engagement opportunities  - with PayPal and Apple on-board, uptake should be strong.
Proximity Insight have tied this proximity technology together with your CRM data held in Salesforce.com.  The image below depicts a typical solution that ties in all these dimensions.

Proximity Insight - Salesforce1 with iBeacons

Proximity technology can be used in three main ways; tracking and reporting clients in an in-store environment, clienteling apps to understand who is in-store and transmit offers to customer phones. The offer may be generic or specific to the customer based on information held in Salesforce.com data such as demographics, user-selectable communication level, purchasing power and previous purchases. 
Proximity-based reportign and offers present a new and powerful business opportunity. With this technology you can;
  • Create magical customer experiences
  • Push offers and information when it is needed
  • Create games to incentivize real-life actions
  • Deliver a loyalty program that recognizes your VIP customer
  • Report on visit and dwell time creating a full 360 view of your customers
  • Track and process in-store purchases seamlessly
  • Gather intelligence on offer response levels
Proximity Sensing technology, like iBeacons, will change the ‘Internet of Things’ into the ‘Internet of Customers’.
To find out more, please see the Proximity Insight website.

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