Eliminate ‘noise’, manage Chatter limits and follow important conversations by automatically following and un-following records, users or groups. Works with all Chatter environments: browser, Chatter Desktop, Mobile or Customer Communities.

  • Create rules to automatically follow or un-follow records, users or groups
  • See and manage ALL your Chatter follows on one easy to screen
  • Automate and bulk Chatter notifications to ensure messages are not missed
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July 5, 2020

The answer is “YES” … it's a breeze! Fix yourself a drink, your work is done.

Drop My Dossier will effortlessly document the following information in your Salesforce instance (org); Introductory information, Object details and Apex information

  • Set up the objects you would like to add to the document and any header information
Drop My Dossier Settings

  • Each Object will display like this
Output document Objects

  • Add chapters that will introduce your document; you can add images and rich text
Chapter settings

  • The chapters will output to the document like this
Chapter settings

  • Build then document at a click of a button. The answer is yes, it is like Heaven.
  • Prototype rather than write long specification documents.
  • Self-documenting as you build and change your Salesforce instance.

Self-document as you build and change your Salesforce instance.
Documentation is no longer a costly up-front overhead … or a forgotten after-thought. You can get on with prototyping - rather than developing and maintaining long specifications – and then deliver thorough documentation with one click!

Salesforce.com and Force.com allow you to build a solution in less time than it takes to document it. Developing specifications up-front based on assumptions and theories requires a great deal of effort and the results are inherently flawed … incomplete, inaccurate and out-of-date. The combination of the Force.com platform and ‘Drop my Dossier’ can help remedy these issues by allowing rapid prototyping.
The benefits of building early rather than toiling over specifications are:
  • decreased time to market by re-using proof of concept effort;
  • faster Return on Investment (ROI) by delivering low-effort, high-priority functions first;
  • reduced risk by clearing assumptions;
  • the opportunity to fail early and recover before go-live.

Technology is moving too fast to document solutions in detail. Start building and get it done…. Welcome to #thecloudera.

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