Eliminate ‘noise’, manage Chatter limits and follow important conversations by automatically following and un-following records, users or groups. Works with all Chatter environments: browser, Chatter Desktop, Mobile or Customer Communities.

  • Create rules to automatically follow or un-follow records, users or groups
  • See and manage ALL your Chatter follows on one easy to screen
  • Automate and bulk Chatter notifications to ensure messages are not missed
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July 5, 2020

CrowdGuide is an easy to use and cost effective tool that allows you to create a context sensitive help menu. CrowdGuide sits in your sidebar and helps map your Salesforce journey.

S. P. Keasey Trading Co. has partnered with Training The Crowd to build this great Salesforce training and adoption tool

  • Sidebar, contextual based on the page you are on, help module
CrowdGuide Sidbar

  • When you are on the Account Page, you will see help for Accounts (record type can be set too)
Contextual Help

  • Add your own Guides using easy to use rich text fields making it easy to add; rich text, images and videos
Adding CrowdGuides

Use Cases
  1. Step by step instructions - “How to” guides that show users the steps to success
  2. Sales funnel - Key sales stages and expected milestones
  3. Business process diagrams - Flow diagrams to guide users through your business process
  4. Key business rules - Communicate the guidelines people are expected to follow
  5. Security overview - Explain who can and can’t see particular data – and why
  6. FAQ’s - A powerful resource of common questions and answers
  7. Glossary - Your organization's important terms and acronyms
  8. Support - Where do I go for assistance?
  9. Inspiration - Inspire your team to achieve their goals
  10. Star of the monthShowcase the most successful employee of the month

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