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February 20, 2020
All Points Bulletin Issued For S. P. Keasey Trading Co. Founders

The investigation into ground-breaking software start-up, the S. P. Keasey Trading Co. and its founders, continues in earnest with new information being unearthed on a daily basis.

Story originally published in the O.O.T. Tribune.

Lead investigator, Sgt Maximus Conclave said “We have used every trick in the book to dig up dirt on this outfit, but it seems they have plans to stay one step ahead of the pack. Issuing the APB will help to get the message out that people need to take notice of the S. P. Keasey Trading Co.”. 

About SPK
The S. P. Keasey Trading Co. investigation board at police HQ

In the latest development, details of the two men who represent the public face of the company have been revealed in the recently launched the ‘S. P. K. Times’ newspaper.
Going by the names of Kris ‘@Moysiek’ Moyse and Matt ‘@LaceySnr’ Lacey, the S. P. Keasey founders have worked on large Salesforce.com implementations for Fortune 500 companies.  Now focusing their time on building Force.com apps to increase the ROI of Salesforce.com implemenations.  The pair have an impressive portfolio of credentials and achievements:
  • 1 Salesforce MVP
  • 2 Scrum Masters
  • 50 + Salesforce.com/Force.com Deployments
  • 4 Force.com Apps
  • 2 Computer Science Degrees
  • 1 Masters in Computer Games Software Design
  • 1 Masters of Business Administration
  • 2 Freeriding Snowboards
  • 1 Salesforce Service Cloud Cert
  • 2 Salesforce Admin 201 Certs
  • 1 Salesforce Advanced Admin 301 Cert
  • 2 Beer lovers
  • 1 Salesforce Sales Cloud Certs
  • 2 Salesforce Dev 401 Certs
  • 1 Salesforce Advanced Dev 501 Certs
Anyone with information about this organisation and its activities is asked to pass it on to others.

Contact with the Company and its founders is encouraged; failure to do so will result in you missing out on latest methods of getting work done in the cloud era,  and not getting the most from your investment in Salesforce.com.

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